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I'm Now on YouTube!

It’s finally here! I’ve posted my first video on YouTube. Yes, I have a YouTube channel. But first a story.

Last week, I did a short post about creativity and how fear of failure can stifle one’s creativity.  Since then, I have learned that fear of failure is only one block to creativity. This week as I worked on the video for the Svadhisthana chakra, and I learned that creativity can be held hostage by perfectionism and one’s level of knowledge. So, my message for this post is to be brave enough and patient enough to be a beginner.

Instead of doing a Facebook Live video, I decided to record the sequence and post it on YouTube. Recording was the easy part, but I struggled with “being good enough.” I wanted the video to have a title screen and perhaps an end screen. As a school librarian, I often created videos to use in the library. I even created and used an animated cartoon of myself!

It was fun creating these videos and I “expected” to just dive right in and do what I used to do but video editing has changed quite a bit since I retired from education. Windows Movie Maker was no longer an option, so I tried their newest product called Clipchamp. It has many more bells and whistles than **Windows Movie Maker and the only thing I could figure out was how to trim the beginning and end of the video.

Not having the time nor the patience to figure it out, I downloaded a different program called **DaVinci Resolve. I was so grateful to the company, Blackmagic Design, for offering their product for free! It was a little easier to navigate and it has really good reviews, but I could see that my level of skill was too limited to get the job done, and it was already Friday.

So, the little voice in my head said, “You’ve spent a whole week on this, waiting for downloads, waiting for video to load, trying to figure things out. It’s time to just put it out there.” So, I went to YouTube and viola! I had it posted in about fifteen minutes! There’s nothing fancy, just me sharing the sequence I created.

At the beginning of the video, I’m quite nervous. Partly because I haven’t done a video in so long and partly because my skill and confidence level for teaching yoga hasn’t fully developed.

So, if you decide to try this sequence, which I hope you will, just know that I decided to be brave enough to be a beginner. As for the patience to be a learner, I’m working on that too. I’m learning to be patient with my “teaching style” in yoga and I’m also learning to be patient as I learn new tools and skills to help me share yoga with others.

I hope this message will inspire you to be a beginner too! No matter what you choose to do, you are always a beginner when you start. You’re going to probably be bad at “it” at first but if you keep trying and keep learning from your mistakes, eventually you will be pretty good at “it.”

What’s your favorite beginner’s story? I’d love to hear your experience of beginning, being “bad at it” and how you finally became “good at it.”

Oh, by the way, my YouTube channel is

With Love & Gratitude & Patience,

**Please note my comments regarding the two video editing programs are not intended to be considered a review. I am certain both products have their own value to other users, I just do not have the skills at this time to use the products effectively.

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