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I finally realized that simply being able to tell people what to do to maintain good health wasn’t enough.

A few months ago, I made the decision to add to the skills that I have already acquired as a health and wellness professional. I decided to become a certified health and life coach.

Those who know me, know that I have been on a personal journey since my retirement in 2015. Each part of that journey has led me to various educational endeavors. As a former educator life-long learning is important to me. So, when I retired, I became certified as a personal trainer. After working in this field for a couple of years, I realized the value of providing more service to my clients, so I spent a year working on a sports nutrition certificate. Once I learned more about the value of nutrition, I found myself working on a holistic health certification. Not long after that, I finally decided to get my yoga certification. All this information has been valuable in helping me understand what it takes to be healthy, but something was still missing. I finally realized that simply being able to tell people what to do to maintain good health wasn’t enough. Most people know what to do. The challenge is in how to do it. How does one take all the knowledge about health and wellness and make it happen?

This is where my skills as a certified health and life coach become valuable. As a certified health and life coach, I help you discover what you really want for your health and wellness and why you want that. Then I coach you on how to create transformation that lasts. An important part of this process is habit change. As a certified coach, I guide you through the habit change process which is designed especially for you. I provide you with the accountability that is focused specifically on your needs and work at a pace that is right for you.

If you have tried other programs without success, I invite you to request an introductory meeting with me. Let’s find out if I can help you create lasting change that is designed for your specific needs.

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