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Grounding - My First Experience

During the yoga sequence I shared last week I said I would share my first experience with grounding in my blog. So, here goes!

My first experience with grounding occurred long before I had begun practicing yoga or heard of the concept of grounding. I was living in Pine Knoll Shores, NC at the time. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you may recall that I’ve mentioned the issues I've had with my lower back since I was in my thirties.

One beautiful spring day I was working in the yard, planting flowers, and pulling weeds. You know how Spring can make you feel super energized? Well, I was energized and overdid it that day and worked for several hours. By the time I finished working in the yard, my lower back was extremely tight. I was bent at the hip about 45 ° and could not stand up completely. I was in a great deal of pain. Without giving it any thought, I laid down on the grass.


While I was lying there, I could feel the vertebrate in my lower spine pulling apart and gaining space between each one. It hurt but not as badly as trying to stand upright. I laid there for about ten minutes, hugged my knees to my chest, rocked side to side and then just laid flat on my back. Much to my surprise, when I got up, I felt just fine. It felt like a miracle to me that suddenly my back was fine! As you can imagine, I was so very grateful.


Years later, when I took my training in holistic health, I learned about the concept of grounding, and I remembered that day. In the course it was explained that connecting the body to the natural electric charge of the earth can help reduce pain, inflammation, and stress. I remember thinking, “WOW! That must be what happened to me that day after working in the yard.”


Not long after I learned about grounding, I had a similar experience. I was working in the yard, I overdid it, and found myself in a great deal of pain. Remembering my previous experience and what I had recently learned, I got down on the ground and laid there for a little while. When I got up, my back felt much better.


I’m not saying that grounding is the ultimate “cure” for low back pain. You must respect your body, listen to your body, and be mindful of your daily habits. What causes you pain? Don’t do that. It’s quite simple. But when you have overdone it, grounding could be a tool to help relieve the pain.


This is only one benefit of grounding. In my next post I’ll talk about other ways grounding can improve your physical well-being, as well as your mental and emotional well-being.


In the meantime, get outside, enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, and if you can connect with the earth! Even if it’s still a little chilly where you live, the brisk fresh air will fill leave you feeling rejuvenated. And be sure to share a picture with me @vintageyogawbhi!

With Love & Gratitude,

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