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My Self-Love Journey Week 26

Can you believe it? Here we are at the halfway point for this year! I want to take some time to do a little check-in and share some thoughts about this journey of self-Love. Along the way, I’ve talked about some of the milestones I’ve experienced, such as recognizing my need to be right, noticing when I’m experiencing fear, and even how I’ve learned to surrender when things don’t go the way I think they should.

Today I’d like to share some questions to encourage you to reflect on how this year has been for you so far. Then, I’ll ask you to consider what you see for yourself going forward. So, break out your “Self-Love Journal” (if you haven’t started yours yet, it’s never too late!) and let these questions guide you to what I hope will be a deeper level of Love and understanding for and about yourself. For each question, take time to think about it and write about it in your Self-Love Journal. You may find that you need several days to work on this and that’s OK!

In week two I asked the question, “What does self-Love mean to you?” Without looking back at how you answered that question, ask yourself, “What does self-Love mean to me today?” Once you’ve answered this question, then you can go back to see if your answer today is different from how you answered the same question six months ago.

If you didn’t do this exercise during week two, that’s OK! Just start with today. There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s no deadline for completing the journey because the journey is continuous. My middle school students, when given a writing assignment, would ask me, “How long does it have to be?” My answer was always, “However long it needs to be.” And that’s how long your journey will be because you are right where you need to be right now.

After you answer this question, consider this next question, has your perspective about self-Love changed over the past six months? If so, how has it changed? If not, why do you think that is so?

Next, what have you DISCOVERed about yourself since you began paying more attention to yourself? If you feel like you haven’t noticed anything different, then ask yourself why?

Has this DISCOVERy inspired you to make changes? What changes have you made and how have the changes made an impact on you?

Now, going forward to the end of the year, what is one important goal you have for yourself which you would like to achieve by the end of the year? Write it down. Why is this goal important to you? How will attaining this goal make a difference in your life? Now write three simple things you can do that will help move you toward that goal. From those three things, choose one that you can do today to start moving you toward accomplishing your goal. Start with just one simple thing.

It’s important to not try to take on too much at one time. Many of us get fed up with ___________, so we go ALL in, we get exhausted from trying to do too much, we give up and we end up feeling lousy about ourselves. That doesn’t sound like self-Love, does it?

So, whenever you’re feeling a little down on yourself, like you’re not making enough progress, just remember slow progress is better than no progress. I’d love to hear about your journey, so please feel free to share with me!

With Love & Gratitude,


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