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Week 10 My Self-Love Journey

Week 10: Tap into Love via Awe

Last week, when I was doing my daily morning journaling, I had an ah-ha moment. (I get those a lot, since I began my journey.) I’ve been working in the Untethered Soul Guided Journal from Michael Singer. Part of a prompt last week was “Write about what it would be like if every moment touched you to the depth of your being…Can you let every moment touch your soul?”

Four words came to mind, To Live in Awe. That’s what I thought of when I imagined every moment touching my soul because when I am in AWE, I feel it in my heart. This tells me that when I’m feeling awe, I am in touch with Love and Love is what my soul is made of.

A couple of weeks ago, Juan and I went to a small town here in Spain called Ronda. The history of this town dates back to the 6th century BC. Ronda is situated along the Guadalevin river and sits at the top of a towering gorge more than 300 feet above the river. The views from the town and from the bridge which spans the gorge are incredible. Looking out from the town evoked a sense of awe that I’ve never quite experienced. In fact, it brought tears to my eyes, to see this incredible view and to know that people have stood where I was standing and experienced the same awe that I was experiencing for more than one thousand three hundred years!

Obviously, we won’t experience that kind of awe everyday or could we? When we tap into Love, we are essentially tapping into awe. We have the power to experience awe in any situation. The birth of a child, the feelings of a new relationship (or even an old relationship), the taste of something delicious (or a simple cup of coffee). How would it feel to experience that on a daily basis? We can! We just have to remember that we can.

So, today and this week, pay special attention to your anchor(s) and your mantra(s). Let them be your guide to awe and Love. You now know the way; you know how to do this. All you have to do is remember to do this and that’s what anchors are for, to keep you in your place of Love and awe.

What awe are you experiencing this week? Even if it seems simple or trivial, if it gives you a sense of awe and Love, then it’s not simple or trivial. I hope you have an AWEsome week, filled with Love for yourself, for others and for life!

With Love and Gratitude,


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