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Week 45 My Self-Love Journey

What if I told you there is a simple way to bring more peace and more happiness into your life? Would you believe me? Are you curious enough to keep reading to find out how I DISCOVERed a way to enjoy more peace and happiness?

Before I wrote this, I decided it might be a good idea to do a little research, to validate what I’m about to say. What I found is that there is a ton of research out there to support what I have DISCOVERed.

The secret to being happier is so simple you’ll probably say, “Yeah, right.” But notice I said “simple.” The problem with living happily is that so many people want it to be easy and it’s not that it isn’t easy, but it does take practice. You have to practice positivity! That’s the secret! I told you it was simple, but not necessarily easy.

If you’re the type of person who is always complaining about things; politics, the government, crime, the other driver, the System, then you are probably not very happy. Ow! I know, it hurts to hear that. AND research shows that chronic complaining is even bad for your brain and your health.

Think back to when you were younger. Does it seem like you complain more now than when you were younger? That’s no coincidence! Over time, you may have strengthened your complaining muscles without even realizing it. More precisely, science shows that each time you complain, your brain is busy building new neural pathways for complaining so that it can repeat this pattern more efficiently.

Not only does chronic complaining affect your brain, it also affects other areas of your health and wellbeing. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health did an eight-year study of 70,000 women which revealed that those who were optimistic had nearly 30 percent lower risk of dying from chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease, cancer and infection.

What are some ways you can begin to strengthen your positivity neurons? The first thing is notice if you need to. Become more aware of your thoughts and try to notice if you tend to be more negative than positive. Also, think about the people around you. Could your negativity be a reflection of the people you live and work with?

If you find that you are experiencing more negativity in your life than you’d like, then make the decision that you are ready to change that. Begin with yourself. You remember that self-Love we started working on at the beginning of this year? Start with yourself. Start by being kinder and more compassionate with the words you say and think about yourself.

Gratitude is another tool for building your positivity neurons. When you focus on all the goodness in your life, you begin to see how much goodness there really is.

As for the people around you. You get to decide how much negativity you are willing to receive. I find that the more positive I am with others, the less negative they are with me. Positivity is contagious! So go out there are start spreading positivity!

Today I decided to speak positively, and positive things came into my life.” Believe Affirmation App

With Love & Gratitude,


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