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Week 11 My Self-Love Journey

Week #11: Continuing to Live in Awe and Love

For the past couple of weeks I’ve talked about connecting to the feeling of Love and how awe can help us tap into Love any time throughout our day. Since living in Spain, Juan and I have taken up hiking (or senderismo in Spanish). Last weekend we went hiking near a small town called Moclin (pronounced mo – cleen). This town has a castle which dates back to the 13th Century which is pretty awesome all by itself. But, that’s not the only thing that brought me to experience a sense of awe.

Along the 8 kilometer hiking trail, the panoramic views of the mountains were incredible! The trail led us through a massive gorge created by the Velillos River. Of all the amazing things I saw on our journey what really spoke to me on this hike was the almond trees which are currently in bloom. One tree in particular stood out to me. Near the end of our hike, we came across an almond tree that was growing somewhat horizontally. Despite its odd posture, it was filled with beautiful pinkish white blossoms. As I got closer to the tree, I noticed that the trunk was bent and twisted, perhaps from a wind storm. Here she stood with her trunk bent, twisted, and split apart yet she still lived, and her beauty still shined through.

So many times I have seen this in nature and each time, I am always amazed (in awe) that a plant could go through such trauma and still continue to grow. I think it’s Nature’s way of telling us to get up and keep going. While we may think we are bent or twisted, fractured or broken, it doesn’t matter. The truth is our beauty and our love is always there inside us and it can always shine through and keep us going.

So once again, I call on you to see Love everywhere you look. When you change your perspective and make the decision that you will find love everywhere, suddenly you see it! You see Love in the first daffodils of Spring, you see Love in a simple cup of coffee, you see Love in the faces you meet all through your day. You even see Love in that grumpy person at the cash register. You will find yourself sending Love to that person, because you know that she is not able to see it herself in this moment.

Spring is just days away and reminds us that we have an opportunity for awe and re-growth. Forget the broken, twisted events of your life and focus on Love instead. Your beauty is just waiting to blossom! How will you bloom this week?

With Love and Gratitude,


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