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Week 15 My Self-Love Journey

Week #15: Making Space for Self-Love

Spring is often a time when we find ourselves filled with new energy! The sun shines longer each day which encourages us to be more active. Before we know it, we’re getting involved with all kinds of Spring-cleaning projects. This week, I invite you to take advantage of this burst of energy and do something special for yourself.

Do you have a special space in or around your home where you can go to just be with yourself? Having a special place that reflects you and your desires is an important part of self-love. Think about it, what a great way to say, “I love you” or “You matter” than to carve out a special place for you to go to contemplate, be at peace and simply spend time with yourself.

Maybe you already have a designated space, but it’s gotten a bit cluttered and disorganized. Spring-cleaning time is the perfect opportunity to tidy it up. Remember how good it always feels to tidy up a cluttered space? Perhaps it’s your desk that needs to be cleaned up. Go ahead, stop procrastinating and get it cleaned up. Then you’ll have a nice, neat, peaceful place to go any time you need some “ME time.”

You might be thinking, “Oh, I don’t have room for that.” Or “My kids will never leave me alone.” Or “That would be selfish of me.” BUT gifting yourself this space gives you a place to go to wind down and simply have a few minutes to yourself. Let your family know that this is your space and your time. When you go there, NO one is allowed to disturb you (unless of course there is blood or fire involved!)

By giving yourself this time and space, you’re nourishing a part of you that needs to be loved and valued. When you take a little time for yourself to simply sit in peace and quiet, to read, or be creative, it’s not selfish it’s self-Love. When you feel loved, then you can step out and bring your best self forward.

So go ahead, carve out some space and time and allow yourself to recharge. When your battery is full, then you have more energy (and maybe even a little more patience) for those you love. I invite you to send me a picture of your space!

With Love, Peace and Gratitude,


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