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Week 44 My Self-Love Journey

Week #44 of My Self-Love Journey is coming to you early because I have a special invitation for YOU.

Last week during my daily practice with “A Course In Miracles,” I read the following, “My gratitude permits my Love to be accepted without fear.” (lesson 298) This made me realize that gratitude is one thing that has been missing from My Self-Love Journey! What an eye opener!

This revelation caused me to review my previous posts to see how much I have talked about gratitude. For starters, I end every article with the words “With Love & Gratitude.” And I sincerely feel Love and gratitude for each of you who take time to read what I have written. I also DISCOVERed that in July (week 29) I wrote an article specifically about gratitude. Only one. And clearly, I have forgotten about that because I have not followed through.

Here’s the good news! “My Self-Love Journey” has helped me cultivate compassion for myself whenever I fall short. That’s not to say I let myself off the hook, but I have let go of the practice of beating myself up over things not done. All I can do is recognize when I fall short and try to do better.

Sometimes, in order to do better, I need accountability. We all do, right? That’s part of the reason I decided to make “My Self-Love Journey” public. I knew accountability was what I would need to stay the course and not quit part way through the year. I’ve decided that is what I need to kickstart a consistent practice of gratitude like the one I suggested in July.

So, during the month of November, when we typically celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving which is devoted to gratitude, I’m inviting you to join me, Vintage Yoga and Whole Body Health International for a Gratitude Challenge. Here’s the challenge:

  • Begin keeping a gratitude journal.

  • Each day during the month of November write three things you are grateful for. That’s it! Just three “things” – 1, 2, 3. Unless of course you feel inspired to do more!

Each day I will post three things I am grateful for and to show your participation and support, all you have to do is like or love my post. And of course you are always welcome to share what you are grateful for!

If you already have a gratitude journal, awesome! You are an inspiration to me, and I would love to hear about your experiences with gratitude journaling.

One of the wonderful benefits of gratitude practice is that it raises our vibration and elevates our mood which helps us experience more goodness in our lives. I hope you will join me and together we can lift each other up!

As always, with Love & Gratitude,

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