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Week 5 My Self-Love Journey

Week 5: How can I love myself more this week? (January 30 – February 5)

Remember last week I asked you to reflect on how it FEELS to practice more self-love? It is my hope that you are beginning to feel some positive effects from this practice. Maybe there’s a feeling of lightness or freedom. Whatever that feeling may be, let yourself feel it as often as you need. Let this feeling be a motivator to propel you forward and continue your journey of self-love.

I also talked about the idea of “1% better each day.” So often we try to go ALL IN. We try to do too much too soon. So, this week, we’ll be practicing just 1% better each day. Go back to the list, your self-love menu, from week 3. What can you do each day this week to show more love for yourself? It can be something different each day or perhaps you want to develop just one new self-love habit. Do what works for YOU. Then, write it on your calendar. When you plan it and schedule it, you’re more likely to follow through.

I’d love to hear what you’re planning to do. Maybe you’ll inspire something new for me or others. Take a few minutes each day to journal about how you showed up with love for yourself that day. You can simply write what you did, or you may decide to journal about how you felt. Just 1% better each day.

With Love and Gratitude,


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