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Week 9 My Self-Love Journey

Week 9: Create a Self-Love Mantra

Last week I talked about tapping into the feeling of Love. This feeling of Love is always there. Yes, Love is always there. The problem is, we’ve gotten into the habit of running on autopilot, so we have forgotten that Love is always there, and we’ve forgotten how to access this Love. I hope my technique from last week has helped you to better understand HOW to tap into Love.

Recently, I was reading the book Living Untethered by Michael Singer. In his chapter called Techniques for Freeing Yourself, one of the techniques he shares is the use of a mantra. A mantra can be a single word or simple phrase which you repeat “over and over until it gets stuck in your mind.” Singer explains that the mantra offers you “a layer of mind that is always there.” This layer gives you “a safe place to rest” your mind whenever you are dealing with difficult emotions or situations. It helps you come back to your SELF.

I found myself thinking that a mantra would be a great tool to help me remember to come back to Love any time throughout my day, especially at times when something is causing me distress. Remember in week 6 when we chose an anchor to remind us to come back to Love throughout the day? I guess you could say that a mantra is like an anchor for your mind. Once I made that connection, I was easily able to create my own three-word mantra which I will share with you later this week.

I invite you to share your mantra as well. You can post it here or share it with me privately on Messenger.

With Love and Gratitude,


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